The 16th International Symposium on Molecular and Neural Mechanisms of Taste and Olfactory Perception
ISMNTOP2017: in conjunction with
YR Umami Forum 201
7, AISCRIB 201


 Date: November 3-4, 2017
Venue: Station I & II, Collaborative Research Center, Kyushu University
             3-1-1, Maidashi, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka, 812-8582, Japan

 Invited speakers
Dr. Robert F. Margolskee (Monell Chemical Senses Center, USA)
 Dr. Sue C. Kinnamon (University of Colorado, School of Medicine, USA)
 Dr. Thomas E. Finger (University of Colorado, School of Medicine, USA)
 Dr. Yuki Oka (California Institute of Technology, USA)
 Dr. Yuichi Iino (The University of Tokyo, JAPAN)
 Dr. Makoto Tominaga (National Institutes of Natural Sciences, JAPAN)

 Program is updated. 

 Tentative schedule is uploaded. (This schedule may be subject to change.) 

 The organizing committee is calling for applications for poster presentations. To apply for poster presentations, please send an abstract (about a half page of A4 paper including a title, author(s), affiliaction(s) and an abstract) to the secretariat ( The deadline for submission is
October, 13th, 2017.

  The early registration deadline for the ISMNTOP2017 is
October, 2nd, 2017. Please contact with the secretariat ( for your registration.

 This year, more than 25 KoSci members will attend this symposium!


     Yuzo Ninomiya (Research and Development Center for Taste and Odor Sensing, Kyushu University, Japan)

 Organizing committee:
     Yuzo Ninomiya (Kyushu University, Japan)
     Kiyoshi Toko (Kyushu University, Japan)
     Masahiro Yamaguchi (Kochi University, Japan)
     Takeshi Imai (Kyushu University, Japan)
     Takeshi Kimura (Ajinomoto Co. Inc., Japan)
     Noriatsu Shigemura (Kyushu University, Japan)
     Keiko Yasumatsu (Kyushu University, Japan)
     Ryusuke Yoshida (Kyushu University, Japan)

  Contact: Ryusuke Yoshida (E-mail: