Information for Speakers and Poster presenters


For speakers


 1. Please bring your presentation on your PC and/or USB flash Drive (also CDs or DVDs are available.)


 2. Please check a monitor output terminal of your PC. If you are using Sony VAIO, Macintosh, or other types of PC with a special format monitor output terminal, please bring a D-sub 15 pin conversion adaptor with you.




 3. Be sure to bring an AC adaptor.


 4. Please adjust your computer settings so it does not revert to screensaver or energy-saving mode during your presentation (especially your PC needs a password to reboot).


 5. If your presentation data includes links to movies, graphs, or similar data, please be sure to save these files and check their operation in advance.


 6. Audio cannot be used during presentation.


 7. Your presentation should be made on 4:3 ratio of display mode (do not use 16:9 mode).


 8. If you do not use your own PC, please make your presentation using Power Point. Power point 2013 (Win) or Power Point 2016 (Mac) is available on your presentation. In this case,


  (1)You use standard fonts (e.g. Times Roman, Arial) in your presentation (unusual fonts may not be used in our PC).

  (2) Include your ppt (pptx) file and any linked files (e.g. movie file) in the same folder.

  (3)Test your presentation on a separate PC.



 9. After your presentation, please reclaim your computer from the PC Center.


 10. Please bring your PC to the PC center at break times and check your presentation.

  [We appreciate if you bring your data (USB drive) before the onset of morning session.]



For poster presenters


 1. Please make your poster to fit the space within the display panel. The panel size is shown in the figure below.


 2. Please prepare the title of your presentation, affiliation and presenter’s names at the top of the space for displaying your poster.


 3. Your poster should be displayed by the onset of the first session and be removed until the end of final session.


 4. Tacks for putting up poster and the ribbon are available on your display panel.